PCOS and Hirsutism

PCOS and Hirsutism

Comprehensive PCOS and Hirsutism Care at Sanjeevani Hospital

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Hirsutism are common and often interrelated conditions that affect many women. At Sanjeevani Hospital, we specialize in providing comprehensive care for these conditions. Our services address the unique needs of individuals facing PCOS and hirsutism, including the management of Menstrual Disorders, Acne, and Excess Hair Growth.

Menstrual Disorders:
PCOS often leads to menstrual irregularities due to hormonal imbalances. Our services for menstrual disorders include:

  • 1. Accurate Diagnosis:
    We conduct precise diagnostic assessments to determine the specific nature of menstrual irregularities and their underlying causes.
  • 2. Personalized Treatment Plans:
    We create tailored treatment plans, which may involve hormone regulation, medication, and lifestyle modifications, to restore regular menstrual cycles.
  • 3. Fertility Support:
    For those trying to conceive, we offer guidance and interventions to improve fertility and increase the chances of successful conception.

Acne is a common skin condition that often accompanies PCOS, causing emotional distress. Our services for acne include:

  • 1. Comprehensive Skin Assessment:
    We conduct in-depth evaluations of acne-prone skin to determine the severity and underlying causes of acne.
  • 2. Personalized Skin Care Plans:
    We develop personalized skin care plans, which may involve medical treatment in association with proper dermatological treatments to address acne effectively.
  • 3. Lifestyle and Dietary Guidance:
    We offer advice on lifestyle changes and dietary modifications that can improve skin health and reduce acne breakouts.

Excess Hair Growth (Hirsutism):
Hirsutism refers to excessive hair growth, often due to hormonal imbalances. Our services for hirsutism include:

  • 1. Accurate Diagnosis:
    We use specialized diagnostic tools to determine the cause of hirsutism, ensuring precise assessments.
  • 2. Personalized Hair Removal Plans:
    We offer tailored hair removal solutions, which include medical treatments in association with proper hair removal techniques.
  • 3. Hormone Regulation:
    Our approach involves addressing hormonal imbalances that contribute to hirsutism, aiming to normalize hormonal levels.

Why Choose Sanjeevani Hospital for PCOS and Hirsutism Care?

  • • Expertise:
    Dr. Chintala Venkata Rakesh and our healthcare team specialize in endocrinology and women's health, ensuring that you receive expert care for PCOS and hirsutism.
  • • Comprehensive Services:
    We offer a full range of diagnostic, medical, and dermatological services for these conditions, making it convenient for you to receive all the care you need in one location.
  • • Personalized Care:
    We understand that each patient's journey with PCOS and hirsutism is unique. Our patient-centered approach ensures that your treatment plan aligns with your individual needs and goals.
  • • Empowerment:
    Our commitment extends beyond treatment; we aim to empower you to take control of your health and well-being.

At Sanjeevani Hospital, we are dedicated to providing you with the expert care and support you need to effectively manage PCOS and hirsutism, including the management of menstrual disorders, acne, and excess hair growth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward improved health and an enhanced quality of life. Your well-being is our priority.

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